Music Ministry


Our music program here at Guardian Angels Parish houses a number of eclectic and unique ensembles.  We are working to continue the development of our program and are currently in the brainstorming phase of development.  Listed below are the ensemble opportunities we currently offer and are in the process of developing.  Please consider taking a look at joining us in song here during worship!

If you have any interest or questions about our music program, please contact the parish Director of Music, Dr. Matt Daniels at the parish office (248) 588-1222 or email him at

Schola Cantorum “School of Singing”

Our Schola currently rehearses on Tuesday from 7 to 8:30 PM.  Schola is a group of adults (those in our church of Confirmation Age and older) who come together to learn traditional choral music in various musical styles.  To be part of the group, you just have to love to sing.  Rehearsal emphasis is put on musical literacy and voice training (we’ll work with what you need to know).  Schola most often sings together at the 9 o’clock mass on Sunday mornings and various events throughout the year.


Our cantors lead music in worship from the front.  As solo singers they meet for lesson and rehearsal work with the director on a semi-regular basis.  This educable experience is based on classical singing technique although it is  pursued in many musical styles.  They are an experienced group of individuals who are comfortable singing alone in front of others.  You don’t have to have experience to join, we will teach you what you need to know.  You do however need to come with a willingness to work on and try new things as a soloist.  Those interested in cantoring should speak to the director so they can begin to work on their voice and begin the process.

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