Just because we are separated from one another physically during this time away from the parish building doesn’t have to mean we are far from each other as a parish family. In this series, find out how other have been coping, what is bringing them joy, where they are finding hope in this difficult season, and how they are bringing the light of Christ as members of the Guardian Angels family out into the world!

We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! Submit your stories to be featured in future editions of the Messenger and share in full here.

May 29, 2020 | Introducing Deacon John Dudek & Deacon Bob Voiland!

Deacon Bob Voiland (left) and Deacon John Dudek (right)


Hi! I’m Bob Voiland, 59 years-old, and a newly ordained deacon. I’m blessed that Fr. Tony has invited me to serve here at Guardian Angels through the month of June. I was born and raised in Mount Clemens to Jim and Jennie Voiland who have both gone to be with the Lord. Even though I have been a single man all of my life, my parents provided me with a lot of good company. I have five sisters and one brother. Through them I have 19 nieces and nephews and 27 grand-nieces and nephews. We have some pretty good family get-togethers! I worked as an electrician for General Motors at the Tech Center in Warren and was able to retire from there after thirty years of service. Upon retirement, I figured I would continue to work in the electrical field in my own business, but after caring for some aging family members for a number of years, I felt the call to serve the Church in some kind of formal ministry. I was thinking that becoming a deacon might work for me, but I was encouraged to think further about studying for the priesthood, even this late in my life. I completed my philosophy studies at Sacred Heart Major Seminary here in Detroit, then pursued my theological studies and priestly formation at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary in Weston (Boston), Massachusetts for the past three years. Pope St. John Seminary is dedicated to forming older men in second (or late) vocations to Catholic priesthood. After one more year at PSJS, God-willing, I will be ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit. I look forward to meeting you and am grateful for you sharing yourselves with me here at Guardian Angels!


Over 35 years ago, I entered sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit but left shortly afterward. My journey after leaving Sacred Heart has been blessed with a 26-year career as a Middle School and High School Special Education Teacher. My two daughters provide the love and support that any parent would be proud to have. My youngest daughter attends Michigan State University, and my oldest daughter graduated from American University and is currently working for Common Ground in Oakland County and Alternatives for Girls in Detroit. 

With the encouragement of my Pastor, Msgr. John Zenz, I reentered the seminary once again after 30 years. I know how fortunate I am to be attending Pope St. John XXIII . The staff and faculty are committed to the success of every individual who walks away from all they know in order to answer God’s call. I pray God continues to use my talents, knowledge, and experiences as teacher, husband, and parent to evangelize in the Grace and Mercy of God’s Infinite Love. I am truly excited to return to Guardian Angels as a Transitional Deacon this summer. Also, I’m looking forward to the day when C-19 is in our rear-view mirror, and we can gather to celebrate God’s infinite love for each and every one of us.

Dcn. John


May 8, 2020 | I Have a Confession to Make by Dan Saad

I confess to almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have …

… often looked around church during mass.

It isn’t that I’m not paying attention. I’m actually paying extra attention – to the mass and to the people with whom I’m celebrating. When a line of scripture or a comment from Fr. Tony or Deacon Chris particularly moves me, I naturally glance around and see the message resonating in the faces of my parish family. It’s comforting. It’s affirming. And I miss it.

I miss catching up with my fellow parishioners in the narthex after mass. I miss the “how are yous” and the updates on children and grandchildren. I miss knowing what everyone’s up to.

Is it just me? I don’t think so.

If you feel the same way, this column is an opportunity to recapture a little of that fellowship. What are you doing during this time to Unleash the Gospel? How are you helping those struggling through this crisis? What prayers or acts of faith are giving you comfort? Your fellow parishioners are interested.

I’ll start us off: I’m doing my part by staying home and staying safe, planted in my recliner and binge-watching old religious-oriented TV shows. Personal note – after over seven weeks of quarantine, my hairstyle resembles Michael Landon’s on “Highway to Heaven.”

I’m sure you have much more inspiring thoughts and stories – so please share them!

Yours in Christ,
Dan Saad