The Saints Went Marching in…

To Guardian Angels!

On Thursday, November 1st, the 7th-grade theology class presented the annual Living Saints Museum. Parents, students, and staff were treated to a wonderful presentation by our class of 18 saints in the halls upstairs. Many thanks to all the academy and elementary teachers who were very accommodating in making sure the Living Saints Museum went off without a hitch. The 7th-grade class also made a trip earlier this fall to Sacred Heart Major Seminary for Vocations Day.

Sixth-grade theology has been exploring God’s covenant relationship with the early Hebrews culminating with the patriarchs in the Old Testament. In the spring the 6th-grade class will get to experience a Seder service to explore the meaning of Passover from our Jewish ancestors in faith.  The eighth-grade students have been studying how we nourish God’s gift of faith by following the commandments given to Moses at Mt. Sinai. The 8th-grade class looks forward to a trip to the Solanus Casey Center on December 4th.

—Mr. Shawn Hodgins, 6-8 Grade Theology Teacher