Getting Started:
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Watch these 90 sec videos:
Why Video:  We are not alone, the need to pull together!

Acts of kindness:   Showing how genus is used for communication

genusConnect™ in an open platform for connected care, empowering caregivers and providers with the latest tools and resources!

What make genusConnect™ Unique: Social Physics, Open Platform and partner approach.

Genus’s Social Physics engine means genus engages in social incentives to encourage caregiver engagement and participation.   As an open platform, genusConnect™ remains current with new services and technologies.   Partner support means our key partners can co-brand messaging for a long term brand supportive relationship with the care network.

My care story (from Joe Gleason, CEO genusConnect):
My father passed with dementia and I watched the impact on my mom, siblings and my own children.  At the core of many challenges was a breakdown of basic communication and support.  I also realized that each of the caregivers cared in a way the was unique to their abilities.  One would read, while the other would listen or cook!  Everyone had something to share, but they needed a better way to bring it all together.  Having taken 50+ Product to market and founded three companies, and  struggling with an array of hacked together tools for my father, genusConnect was born.

The genusConnect insight:  It’s about the entire network.
Each point of contact is a point of care, not only for the person at the center of the care community, but also for every member of the community.  In designing genusConnect, we realized that things like recognition of actions, proper messaging, and efficient communication and coordination of tasks helped ease tensions and encourage team work.  This ultimately provides peace of mind and better care.   As we researched the experiences of caregivers, we were shocked to learn the impact that caregiving had on spouses, siblings and grandchildren, and how it could tear families apart.   We believe that if we address the daily needs of needs of caregivers and patients, both physical and emotional, we can bring out the best ‘givers of care’ in each of us.

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