Thank you for being Joyful, Missionary Disciples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am extremely grateful for how generous all of you have been with sharing your time, talent, and treasure with our parish community. Even during these stressful and difficult times, you have continued to support our parish.

Below is a document that shows the State of our Parish for the last fiscal year. Fiscal years for the parish run from July 1st through June 30th. I am happy to report that parish finances are in good shape.

Operating revenues for 2022 – 2023 exceeded expenses as planned. This was due to higher than planned Offertory Donations, Fundraising Receipts, Grants and School Tuition Receipts. These higher than planned receipts allowed us to complete the following improvement projects:

  • Refurbish lintels on some of the windows on the school
  • Replace exhaust fans in the church and school
  • Purchase new laptop computers for teachers in school
  • Purchase new tables for school cafeteria
  • Purchase furnishings for two Learning Centers in school
  • Replace computers in Computer Lab in school

During Advent, as we prepare ourselves to receive the gift of the Christ Child – we are invited to reflect on the gifts that we have been given and to discern how we might use our gifts more generously to serve God and the communities in which we live. I invite all of you to enter into a spirit of gratitude during this month and beyond. Reflect on how God has blessed you and where God may be calling you to more generously use your gifts to serve others.

Thank you again for continuing support of our parish community. I am praying for all of you to stay healthy and safe during the coming year.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Tony Richter

GA State of the Parish Document 2021-2022