“Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.”
St. Jerome

Guardian Angels offers multiple Bible studies throughout the year to allow us to encounter Christ more fully so we may know Him, love Him, and proclaim Him. See below for the next available Bible Study for adults and other resources to immerse yourself in the living Word of God.

Bible Study opportunities for teens will be coming this fall – keep an eye on our Youth Ministry page or Youth Ministry Instagram for the latest news!



Meeting In-person & via Zoom


Cost: $15

The Book of Lamentations has a long liturgical history in Christianity, particularly during the season of Lent. It is an intense biblical witness to suffering. Since all human beings experience suffering, it comes as no surprise that we find an extensive witness to suffering in the Bible, immersed in the human condition. What does Lamentations teach us about suffering? Is there hope even in the midst of it? Where is God during these times? These are a few questions we will examine during our 5 week study of the Lamentations of Jeremiah. The cost of the study is $15, which will include our text and handouts. Please contact the parish office to register. If you have any specific questions about the study, please contact Tim McCormick at mccormick@bishopfoley.org.